Sunday, May 27, 2012

A typical Memorial Day weekend

Jill and I spent the past week in southeast Nevada, watching the eclipse and then exploring Great Basin National Park. We got home Saturday evening to a typical Jackson Hole Memorial Day weekend, 40 degrees and raining! Sunday morning we saw snowflakes, some of which managed to stick to the grass in the yard.

Eric was getting cabin-feverish after most of a week indoors working, and then watching the lousy weather on his days off. He suggested a hike somewhere just to get out of the house, after all, we do have Gore-Tex and fleece! Jill stayed home to catch up on tasks, Eric and I decided on Granite Canyon.  There was a sloppy wet inch of snow at the trailhead. We saw two skiers hiking out at the bottom of the canyon; otherwise we had the place to ourselves. We turned around after about two hours, a little bit short of the forks; 5-6" of wet snow at that elevation (8000') was starting to make for tedious walking.

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