Friday, May 25, 2012

Lexington Arch

Lexington Arch is a six-story limestone arch, located in the southern part of Great Basin National Park. It sounded like a good objective for our last day in the park, before we started heading homeward.

The trailhead is 12 miles from the highway, all of it on BLM gravel roads. Hmmm, I don't think we want to pull our Scamp trailer all the way in there.... Fortunately, we found a small pullout area just off the highway, and stashed the trailer there for a few hours. There were also several other usable places in the first 3 miles from the highway.

The BLM district in Utah must have more funding than its counterpart in Nevada. The first 3 miles of road, still in Utah from the highway to the Nevada border, were well-graded and maintained. Once we crossed back into Nevada, the road became just a typical desert two-track; nothing awful, doable in a passenger car under most conditions, but a marked contrast to the Utah side of the border.

The hike to the arch was straightforward, 1.5 miles in and 1000' up. The trail is mostly in open terrain and would be a scorcher in hot weather. The arch was impressive, well worth a few hours round trip.

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