Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tomsich Butte

I was a bit tired after yesterday, from walking through all that sand in Wild Horse Creek. Other than a short excursion back up Wild Horse Creek to find the pictographs, a road trip is what I had in mind.  I drove up North Temple Wash, a scenic drive also known as Emery County 1013. Two-wheel drive, high clearance, that goes up to an old mining area. There are some campsites along this road, I wouldn't take my trailer back in here but some other people took theirs.

Next on the list was a longer excursion into the San Rafael Swell. I wanted to see the Reds Canyon area, and Tomsich Butte, and whatever else appeared along the way. From Taylor Flat I took the McKay Flat road (very smooth, wide open vistas) and then headed toward Tomsich Butte and Muddy Creek. The road from McKay Flat over to Tomsich Butte has some spectacular views of Tomsich Butte and Reds Canyon.

Tomsich Butte is the site of an old mining operation, and there are several nice primitive campsites along Muddy Creek. This is a pretty remote place, as places go; I could easily spend a couple days here hanging out. There were three parties camped here on a sunny Saturday in early May.

Muddy Creek deserves its name, I would definitely bring my own water rather than having to settle that stuff out. That's Hondu Arch in the distance...

I went out via the road through Reds Canyon. It is spectacular. Much of it is bumpy 2WD in a dry wash. Huge vistas, big rock walls, and buttes. You could get a trailer back in here but I personally wouldn't be happy about it.

Since this is Utah, family is important. Here is a picture of Family Butte...

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