Monday, August 30, 2010

The first one is free...

We're on our way to Croatia, checking in at the gate for the nonstop flight Salt Lake to Paris. The gate agent checks our passports, which is why we had to go up to the counter in the first place. Then she asked for our boarding passes, and suggested that we make a donation to Salvation Army this coming Christmas. Huh? Then she handed us two new boarding passes.

After we left the counter, I noticed that we had been moved up to the front of the plane in Business Elite class. Sweet! I had never heard of getting upgraded for free on an international flight. We're only silver medallion on Delta, so not like we have gazillions of miles. The flight is full, with a standby list, so obviously Business Elite didn't sell out and they upgraded some of us to make room in the back.

So this should be pleasant experience, arriving in Paris after a comfortable 10.5 hour flight. Jill says,"hmm, what if we get to liking this too much?" The first one is free, as the saying goes...

-- Ray

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