Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lower Bighorn Gorge

A long hike in the northern part of Death Valley National Park, one that I've had my eye on for a while. The problem is, it's a long walk. Here's the picture from the truck, the mouth of the gorge is 4.5 miles away.

1.25 miles downhill to Death Valley Wash, then 3.25 miles up the wash to the mouth of the gorge. Walking was easier up on the bajada (the alluvial fan) rather than in the wash itself; the bajada is mostly well-cemented small stones. The wildflowers were really nice, including the desert globemallow here

From the mouth of the gorge, the next two miles in the gorge didn't change much. So I decided to call it a day here. Just as well, by the time I got back to the truck I had almost finished three liters of water that I was carrying.

Next time I'll try the upper end of the gorge; it takes a thirty-mile drive on rough roads to get there!

Lower Bighorn Gorge at EveryTrail

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