Friday, December 7, 2012

First turns for the season

Jill and I went for a short shakedown cruise up on Teton Pass today. We got home from SE Asia two weeks ago, ready to ski but our enthusiasm was quite literally dampened by all the rain we've had here in the valley.

I was breaking in a new pair of ski boot liners, yeah they feel great fresh out of the oven in the shop but the real world is always more complicated. For the first half hour or so, it seemed like I had to adjust buckles every thirty or forty strides. The left boot is dialed in nicely now, the right boot still needs some tweaking before it will be good to go all-day.

We did a tour out to Mount Elly, and made some turns in Olympic Bowl. Considering how warm it has been (low thirties at the top of the Pass) both of us were surprised by how good the snow was. It wasn't deep or light, but it was very skiable. Aspects with more southerly exposure didn't look as inviting. We finished off with a short beacon practice session, and then headed out. The grass in the yard is still very brown...

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