Saturday, April 30, 2011

Red Canyon, Capitol Reef NP

I was ready for an easier day after yesterday's long loop through Lower Muley Twist. The weather looked a bit iffy, so I decided to take a windshield tour down to Bullfrog Marina on Lake Powell. Not the most exciting place ever, but for the middle of nowhere I was surprised by how much seemed to be going on. I imagine that in mid-summer the place is an absolute zoo. There is some spectacular scenery north of Bullfrog, along the Notom-Bullfrog (Burr Trail) road, and probably some good hiking as well.

After taking the long way back via Hanksville to the Cedar Mesa campground, I was ready for a short hike. Red Canyon is a straightforward out-and-back hike, six miles roundtrip, that starts from the campground. It isn't in the same league with places like Sheets Gulch, or Lower Muley Twist Canyon, but it is worthwhile for a two- or three-hour tour.  The best part was these interesting rocks, I think they are concretions of what are called "Moqui marbles"; but I'm no geologist.

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