Friday, September 17, 2010

Soggy Ljubljana

The train ride from Zagreb to Ljubljana was spectacular, through a gorgeous river canyon speckled with lovely villages and church steeples.

 Ljubljana (population about 275,000) is the capital of Slovenia. To me it isn't anywhere near as handsome as Zagreb. Oh well. Maybe I just got off on the wrong foot here, with the drunk who tried to physically accost me on the platform at the train station (no harm done, fortunately). It doesn't help that the weather is changing, becoming cloudy (on Thursday afternoon) and raining a lot on Friday.

Ljubljana Castle on the hill
I did a two-hour guided tour on Saturday morning, well worth the 10 Euros. But by the end of the tour it was raining hard, which made the sightseeing a bit less pleasant.

My Slovenia photo album on Picasa

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