Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Toroweap, Grand Canyon

This is the view upstream from Toroweap overlook, 3000' above the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park. I was there as part of a volunteer project, helping to remove non-native weeds from several locations in the area. Yep, digging weeds for food and scenery.

And here is the view downstream, that's Lava Falls Rapid down there though the picture doesn't do it justice. The cheese grater rock at the bottom right of the rapid is just visible if you look at the enlarged photo (click to enlarge).

There is a very steep route (really not a trail) that goes down to the river, 2540 vertical feet in 1.5 miles. I started down, but quit after about 300 vertical feet. There was a considerable stretch of downclimbing that I didn't want to deal with on a solo mission, so this is where I quit. The river is visible in the lower left of the picture, Prospect Canyon is across the river.

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